Peace, calm, quiet, tranquility and the wondrous sound of silence.


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Peace, calm, quiet, tranquility and the wondrous sound of silence. Right in the heart of nature, in the laid back corner of the land of the Gods, or ‘Devbhoomi’ as the state of Uttarakhand is popularly known, lies the pride of the Chitra Group, Tigris Estate.

A charming property, it is located at an ideal location where the Shiwalik Hills and the Outer Himalayas merge into the grasslands along the Peeli river. It is a picturesque rural landscape, where you wake up facing the mountains, surrounded by thick forests under an endless blue sky.

As it’s very name suggests, it is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. It offers you home stays in its cozy cottage consisting of only four bedrooms. Each one facing stretches of green and the gurgling river. Beyond that lies the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. All this at a view from your window.

At Tigris Estate we are active conservationists and offer our guests a slice of eco-living. Not only that we regularly hold wildlife awareness programmes and anti poaching workshops. We also engage, encourage and educate the local villagers about the importance of conservation.

So if being one with nature and wildlife is what you have in mind, welcome to Tigris Estate where you can sit in one of the Machans and do some spotting and bird watching, or you can relax in one of the gazebos or unwind by taking a walk around the walking tracks or simply catch up with yourself by lounging in the verandah and gazing out into the horizon.

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