Peace, calm, quiet, tranquility and the wondrous sound of silence.


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The five acre property is home to a variety of rare plants and trees of Uttarakhand. These have great medicinal properties and are also the homing ground of over 200 species of birds. Leopard, hynna, tiger, elephant, wild boar could just surprise you. Spotted deer, sambar, Swamp deer, etc.

It is located near the landscape of Rajaji Tiger Reserve. So be sure that when you sit out on the machan and raise your binoculars, a tiger could be looking right back at you.

Nearest Town: Haridwar

Nearest Airport: Nearest Domestic Airport is Jolly Grant Airport. Which is about 60 Mins away from Tigris Estate & Delhi International Airport is about 5 hr drive from Haridwar

Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar Railway Station. 45 mins away from Tigris Estate. This major pilgrimage center has been well connected by trains to all the major towns of India.

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